How To Get To The Second Date

get-a-second-dateThis is it! This will make him fall for you on your first date. No, you don’t need to play hard to get. Nor do you have to act mysterious. There’s no need to put on a show to win him over.

The truth is this. You’ll never get anywhere by playing hard to get and acting mysterious. Those first date tactics never worked at all. They were used and abused. But they were never effective. Unfortunately, a lot of women relied on these tactics. Well, now it’s time to debunk them.

This Is For You, Girlfriends!

Just play it real! You like him, right? Then show him you’re interested. But of course, you’re not going to be all over him. You don’t want to look crazy or desperate, do you?

You want to play it real. Remember this is your first date with him. And you sincerely want to see him again. So be natural and show him you’re interested. This is what writer, Kylie Gilbert, has to say. You can actually make your date fall for you. How? You just need to show him some sincere enthusiasm. She says it’s important to focus and engage in the conversation. You need to show him that you’re interested in what he has to say.

Be Responsive

Gilbert cites a study by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology. The study shows that men are attracted to women that are perceived to be responsive.

Now get this! The study shows that men actually find responsive women attractive. So that explains why some men fall for girls that’s aren’t really hot! There’s nothing wrong with that really. But this is just to prove that being responsive works. Right?

Let’s go back to the study. According to it, being responsive is like being nice. Your responsiveness can be associated with these two things. First, you have the desire to be in a long-term relationship. Second, is that you’ve an amazing capacity to be sexually aroused. Apparently, these characteristics make a guy fall head over heels over you. So it wouldn’t hurt to be nice to your date. This is especially true if you want to see him again.

The Thin Line

But girlfriends, you need to be careful! There’s a thin line between responsiveness and sexual aggressiveness. Dr. Wendy Walsh is a relationship expert. She stresses the importance of knowing the difference between the two.

This is how you can be responsive to your date. Pay attention to his cues. Smile and show some interest in what he says. In simple words, appreciate him. This way, you’re responding positively to him. Remember, you’re taking it from his cues. He’s doing the leading, not you.

If you’re showing sexual aggressiveness, it means you’re doing the leading. You don’t want to do that. It’ll scare him away. So you need to be careful. There’s a need to differentiate the two.

Stop The Acting Now!

So it’s time to drop the acting. You can also stop playing hard to get. Times have changed. You don’t need to pretend. You don’t need to hide your feelings. If you’re happy with your date, don’t hide it. There’s nothing wrong with that. Your date will appreciate it.

So if you want to see him again, show him! Maybe even tell him. But one thing is for sure. He’ll want to see you again if you respond positively to him. So smile at him. Listen to him. Tell him you understand. Nod your head. Agree with him. Appreciate him. Value him. Let him take you where you want to go. And that’s to a second date with him.

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She Rocks My World … Literally!

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managing-your-lady-loveMy friend Robert is contributing this article today. He just had to share his experience with his lady love. I thought it was really hilarious. Here’s what Robert has to share …

It’s so weird. When I met her, she rocked my world. She made it wonderful and colorful. She was awesome! She gave me a good nauseous feeling.

Now, she’s literally rocking my world. She still makes nauseous, but without the good feeling. Now don’t me wrong, I’m still crazy over her. But there are times when I just can’t understand her. I guess that’s all part of being in a relationship.

She Always Wants The Toilet Seat Down

I don’t get it. She complains about the toilet all the time. All she needs to do is to put it down. What’s all the fuss about? It’s hard to believe that we argue about a toilet seat. It’s such a waste of time.

She Gets Dramatic Every Month

I don’t look forward to her once-a-month spells. She just turns into this dramatic actress without the cuts. She just goes on and on with her script. I don’t understand where all her emotions come from. But when she gets these days, I just let her talk. It’s no use arguing with her when she gets really dramatic.

Everything Always Has To Be In Place

I just want to relax when I get home. Most of the time, I drop everything. I turn on the tv and jump into my couch.

But when she comes over, she’s always cleaning up. I wouldn’t mind cuddling up with her on the couch. But she chooses to clean my apartment. Sure, I appreciate it. But then I should have just gotten a cleaning lady.

I don’t expect her to clean up my mess. I can even do that myself. It’s just that I don’t understand why she does it. She kinda reminds me of my mom.

She’s Saying This And She’s Saying That

She amazes me sometimes. She can do a lot of things at the same time. I’m really impressed with her ability to multi-task. But it’s a different story when she starts talking endlessly. I have a hard time catching up with her. She says this and she says that. I can hardly catch her point. She’s always on to making another point. Eventually I get confused. I just stare at her. Then she gets mad at my silence. Then she makes another point. I’m speechless and lost. Finally, she hits the roof. Then I say, “What did I do?”

If only she could slow down a little. I’d be able to catch up. But she just goes on and on. She gets frustrated and I get confused.

She Can’t Move On

I admit; I’m not perfect. There are times when we fight and it’s my fault. Sure, she makes me realize it. But most of the time, she’s right.

What I don’t get is this. She can’t seem to forget my faults. She’s always bringing it up. Then we fight about it again, forgetting the argument we’re having. All of sudden, we’re having two arguments. We never resolve anything. I just get more tired and confused.

But I love her. I can’t imagine a day without her. Whatever way she rocks my world, she’s my girl.

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Is The Tao Of Badass Worth The Fuss?

tao-of-badass-dating-tipsThere’s so much talk about The Tao Of Badass that it has sparked the curiosity of A LOT of men. They are really intrigued with this particular dating guide. Seems like they all want to know more about the dating tricks that have been proven to be very effective. With so many men swearing by it, The Tao Of Badass is fast becoming to be the most sought after dating resource.

What To Expect From The Tao Of Badass

So what exactly does this dating guide have to offer? What can the guys learn from this particular dating resource?

Here are just a few lessons The Tao of Badass has to offer.

Become A Badass Guy. The Tao Of Badass helps regular guys discover their inner badass. They are transformed into that kind of guy that’s confident and comfortable around beautiful women.

Gone are the regular guys that were just dreaming about the hot babes. With the Tao Of Badass, they have become the kind of guys that make things happen. They no longer stay at the sides. They take center stage, exactly where hot babes are. They are confident and sure of themselves. They know where they want to be and they’re there!

Attract The Hottest Babe. One of the reasons why The Tao Of Badass is such a sought after dating resource is that it teaches guys to attract HOT women. Amazingly, this dating resource guides ordinary looking guys to get into the competition to win over the HOTTEST babe. This may sound a little too surreal for some, but it has definitely worked for the guys that have picked up the badass tricks.

With The Tao Of Badass, regular guys have no more excuses. What was once a fantasy to them; can easily become a reality. As long as they follow each and every step The Tao Of Badass has to offer, they’re in the game and they will win it! This dating resource gives all the badass tips to win over the hottest babe.

Starting A Conversation With The Hottest Babe. It’s not easy starting a conversation with a woman more so with a hot babe and more so with the hottest babe. But The Tao Of Badass makes it easy. This may get some guys out there to say, “Yeah, right!” But the truth of the matter is that The Tao Of Badass has worked for so many ordinary guys.

With the confidence every regular guy gains from The Tao Of Badass, talking to the hottest babe is a cinch; almost too natural, in fact. This dating resource provides all the steps in starting a conversation with the hottest babe.

But The Tao Of Badass does not promise easy outcomes and results, As a matter of fact, this dating resource also points out possible scenarios that can discourage any regular guy to go for it. But here’s the reason why The Tao Of Badass works, It provides all kinds tricks and tips on how to overcome a discouraging scenario.

So if the guy can’t seem to initiate a conversation with a hot babe, The Tao Of Badass actually provides banter lines that can surely catch the attention of the hot babe. For each step of the interface, The Tao Of Badass has helpful steps that can actually help a guy get out of a discouraging scenario.

Is It Worth The Fuss?

There wouldn’t be too much fuss about this dating resource if it didn’t work for regular guys out there. Seriously, so many guys have found The Tao Of Badass to be very effective in meeting wonderful women. It has become the ultimate dating guide for men. So is it worth the fuss? Yes, it is!

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