That Dating List Just Won’t Do

about-your-dating-listIt won’t help! Your dating list won’t get you that perfect date. As a matter of fact, it might even ruin your dating life. Furthermore, you might just end up forever single.

Too Much Focus On Your Dating List

It takes a lot of effort to come up with a dating list. You’ll have to devote a lot of energy to get it done. Thinking of all the right qualities is hard enough. You’re creating that perfect person in your mind. You’re listing down each quality that the person should have. That’s not easy to do. It takes time to do that.

To make matters worse, you stick to your list. You limit all the possibilities by sticking to it. Come on, your date isn’t applying for a job. So stop dating within the parameters of your list. How can you get to know your date this way? It’s too unfair for your date.

You might just miss the right person with your dating list. You’ll be too focused on the qualities on your list. If one quality is missing, you might end up dumping your date. That’s not good. Remember, it takes time to get to know someone.

You need to focus more on your date than your list. Remember, you’re not creating a person. You’re meeting a person. And in the process, you want to know if the two you are compatible. You can’t do that with your dating list.

You Gotta Use Your Heart

Don’t rely on your dating list. Instead, use your heart. This is the best way to date. You won’t always have to be on the lookout. You’ll have more chances of enjoying your date.

At some point, you need to stop you dating list. You just won’t get anywhere with it. Quit searching for all the qualities you’ve listed down. Every time you do this, you’ll end up using your head. That won’t help you meet the right person. You really can’t use your head too much.

Your instinct is an important factor in dating. Use it. Listen to it. You’ll hear it loud and clear if you date with your heart.

Time To Toss It Out

So do you have a dating list? Well if you do, it’s time to toss it out. That dating list won’t get you anywhere near the right person. It might even prevent you from meeting the right one. You wouldn’t want to miss that, would you?

Dating is supposed to be fun and relaxed. Both parties should be enjoying the moment. You can’t do that with a dating list. To start with, you’ll be too stressed looking out for the qualities you have in mind. You won’t be able to concentrate on the moment. That can really ruin your date. It might even leave you single forever. Ouch!

It’s hard to picture the perfect person. It’s like creating an invisible friend that you’ll never meet. So why go through all the trouble?

It’s hard enough to create the perfect person. It’s even harder to find it. The truth is, you’ll never find it. You’ll never meet the person you’ve created. That person just doesn’t exist.

So just go on and enjoy your dates. Focus on you date and not on the qualities you’re looking for. If you really want to meet the right person, that dating list just won’t do.

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