Why Are You Dating A Womanizer?

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dating-a-womanizerHe’s changed! That’s what you think! You actually think a womanizer will change his ways for you? Think hard!

He’s Different With Me

So you think you’re the special one, huh? You’re the reason why he’s changed. It’s like he’s had some kind of disease in the past. And you’re the cure. Doesn’t it sound romantic? You’re smiling and you’re thinking this. The two of you will live happily ever after. It’s like a wonderful dream. You just don’t want to wake up from it.

Everybody Thinks Otherwise

It comes with the territory. Expect friends and family members to be at your back. Not everybody will be cool about it. After all, you are dating a womanizer!

You’ll hear all kinds of comments from people. People will talk and talk. You’ll hear them but you won’t listen. If you do listen to them, you’ll end up hating them. Here’s the glaring truth about dating a womanizer. You’ll make enemies defending your special friend. There’s no doubt about that. You’ll be thinking this. It’s you and him against the world. Sounds crazy but it’s true!

Can He Really Change?

You’re thinking this. Of course, he can change! After all, the two of you are crazy about each other.

Dr. Barton Goldsmith, author of Emotional Fitness For Intimacy, recommends this. You need to feel your way around the situation first. It’s too early to tell if you’re in a relationship, right? Surely, you’re in still in the dating phase. Maybe you’re dating him exclusively. The thing is, you need to assess whatever situation you’re in. So get to know him first.

Of course, things will be dandy in the beginning. He’ll be the sweetest guy. You’ll be so smitten that you think he’s changed. But here’s the reality. You can’t really tell in such a short span of time.

So give it time. Remember you’re dating a womanizer. He has that innate talent to make you feel special. That’s his expertise. And that’s why a lot of women have fallen for him. So don’t jump to conclusions. Don’t think you’re any different. At least, don’t think that yet.

Enjoy The Moment

The best thing to do is to just enjoy the moment first. Take it one day at a time. But keep your eyes open. Don’t get too serious about it. Sure, you’re crazy about him. And he’s crazy about you. So enjoy it! Don’t go defending him. Don’t think ahead. Just enjoy the moment.

Only Time Can Tell

Only through time can you tell if he’s changed. You can’t expect a womanizer to change his ways over night. No way! But you can expect that he can change. You just need to give it time.

So go with the flow. If he shows good behavior over time, then go for it. But don’t let his past get in the way. That’ll be too unfair for him. If you give him time to prove himself, you can take it from there. So make time your friend.

Be Honest With Yourself

Don’t be too busy assessing him. You need to be honest with yourself as well. Sure you’re having an amazing time with him now. But can you actually handle his past? Are you sure his past won’t drive you crazy in the future?

Don’t be too busy thinking he’s changed. Ask yourself if you really want this kind of guy for the long haul.

Dating a womanizer isn’t easy. But it’s exciting and thrilling, most especially in the beginning. After all, bad boys are really so much sexier. They have that certain appeal that turns women on. Let’s face it. They’re very hard to resist. They beat the nice guys all the time.

But here’s the question. Is it worth it? Maybe it is. You just need to keep your fingers crossed!

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